Work Visas & Employment Passes

At YSM Commercial Services, our immigration specialists have comprehensive knowledge of the immigration framework in key Asian jurisdictions.

Outsource Your Work Visa Requirement
Besides providing detailed information on the qualifying criteria and documentation needed for each type of visa, our professionals are capable of evaluating the potential outcome for the applicant and advice appropriately. Furthermore, our end-to-end services cover the entire application process. Hence, should the unfortunate occasion arise where your application has been rejected by the relevant governing bodies, our experts will assist you with the appeals. In doing this, we hope to ease your mind in understanding that even when the immigration process is not smooth, you would still have a team of people behind you, helping to maximize your chances in securing a spot in your desired country.

Our Immigration and Work Visa Service Offerings
  • Immigration Advisory
  • Work Pass
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • Dependant’s Pass
  • Appeals On Rejection
  • Notarization of Documents