Trade Mark Registration

YSM Commercial Services specialises on trademark registration to businesses in Singapore and around the world.
Unlike other firms, our focus has always been trademark, providing advice and insights on a range of professional services such as Search, Registration, Renewal and Oppositions. As specialist, we know how to protect and build business assets. Our technical expertise saves you time and money while ensuring comprehensive protection for your trademark, logo and brands.

Trademark Registration and Prosecution
Preparing and following through on a trademark application can be a complex task. A trademark application may be objected after a review by an examiner (Office Action), which can involve very technical objections such as statutory prohibitions, likelihood of confusion or descriptiveness marks. In order to minimize such problems, it is important that the initial application needs to be prepared with care. We ensure all necessary issues are dealt with when application filing is being prepared.

We prosecute or supervise the prosecution of applications and take steps to overcome any objections that may arise. We have a proven record in the successful prosecution of difficult trademark prosecution cases, such as descriptive word / slogan marks.

Trademark Search and Watch
Trademark search is necessary to ensure that a new mark does not infringe third party rights and help prevent the risk of a costly infringement action. Further, a search can help to locate prior trademarks at the register that could block an application for your proposed trademark.

Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings
Opposition proceedings are essential to blocking applications of trademarks which may confuse the general public or dilute the distinctiveness of an existing trademark. Opposition proceedings can also provide strategic leverage in settlement negotiations. A registered trademark can be taken off the register by a revocation action. Such action may be useful in assisting another person to secure registration for similar trademark.

YSM has considerable experience in the conduct of non-use investigation, compiling evidence, preparing and filing oppositions and revocation actions, attending hearings and arguing in support of our clients.

Renewing Trademark Registration
Protection of registered trademarks can last indefinitely with periodic payment of renewal fees. In Singapore and in most Asian countries, the renewal fee is every 10 years from the registration date of the trademark. It is important that deadlines for renewals are monitored closely. The failure to attend to the payment of renewal fees timely may result in the loss of IP rights.

YSM renewal service is administered by our dedicated group of experts, ensuring that your renewals are managed accurately and that you are always aware of the renewal requirements in each jurisdiction.