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YSM Commercial Services provides a wide range of professional corporate services to meet varied business needs of our valued clients.

  • Company Incorporation & Business Registration

    All forms of business organisations in Singapore need to be registered with ACRA. Whether you’re foreign, local, or representing your company that wishes to set up a company in Singapore. [more info]

  • Corporate Secretarial Services

    In accordance with the Singapore Companies Act, you are required to appoint a Company Secretary within six months of incorporating your Singapore company. A company secretary acts an officer of your firm, and will help fulfil a range of duties that ensures your company complies with the regulations stipulated by IRAS and ACRA [more info]

  • Taxation

    Tax plays a crucial component of a company’s budgetary and compliance considerations.  Staying tax compliant requires an intimate knowledge of the corporate and personal tax regulations. By outsourcing your tax compliance requirements to YSM Commercial Services, you will benefit from having a professional tax advisory team. [more info]

  • Accounting

    In order to uphold its reputation as trusted business entities, companies in Singapore are required to maintain proper accounting records. With proper documentation, companies would be able to fulfil compliance requirements specified by regulatory bodies such as IRAS and ACRA. [more info]

  • Tax & GST Compliance

    With constantly revised regulations in Singapore, tax queries and issues are faced by firms. Whether it is tax planning or compliance, our Team will draw up appropriate solutions to ensure positive outcomes are accomplished for your business. [more info]

  • Payroll Services

    YSM Commercial Services provides payroll services for companies based in Singapore. We provide expert consultation and support in administering payrolls to all types of business and ensure that they comply with the ever changing regulatory requirements. [more info]

  • Business Advisory

    Successful organisations need a range of advisory services to support their long term growth plans. By developing an in-depth understanding of your business and the issues and challenges that you face, our advisory team uses local and global knowledge to serve your needs. [more info]

  • Business support

    As your firm grows, YSM Commercial Services can provide assistance for your startup’s legal, marketing, operational, financial and project management needs. We work closely with each firm’s principals and key employees to understand their business model and the key drivers for its success. [more info]

  • Work Visas & Employment Passes

    Besides providing detailed information on the qualifying criteria and documentation needed for each type of visa, our professionals are capable of evaluating the potential outcome for the applicant and advice appropriately. [more info]

  • Asset Portfolio Management

    The Portfolio Management Agreement is based on a “Limited Power of Attorney” whereby the client authorized YSM Asset Management to manage, on his behalf, the assets deposited with the client’s bank account. [more info]

  • Trademark Registration

    YSM Commercial Services specialises on trademark registration to businesses in Singapore and around the world. Unlike other firms, our focus has always been trademark, providing advice and insights on a range of professional services. [more info]

  • Web Solutions

    YSM focuses on providing outstanding website development services based on cutting-edge technologies & best web practices. From engaging companies sites and landing pages to high-load web projects with the first-class level of security, scalability, and productivity. [more info]

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YSM COMMERCIAL SERVICES PTE. LTD. (Entity Number: 200409145Z) as a solid track record in efficient business registration, Incorporation, accounting, payroll, taxation, business support and advisory and corporate services by qualified professionals.
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